26 September 2011

Another Successful Saturday

This weekend we held our mapping event in Sandy, Utah, USA. We spread the word as best we could to the genealogy community, and we were pleasantly surprised by some new faces among the usual suspects. We started out the day by training everyone on how to use the app, paired some people up in teams so one person could clear the headstone and one could snap photos, and quickly netted ourselves 1,163 new images in Larkin Sunset Gardens.

Our efforts were slightly overshadowed by Hokie374, who single-handedly uploaded 1,682 images this Saturday in Benton County Memorial Gardens in Arkansas, USA.

We saw a big turnout from those of you who couldn’t come to Saturday’s event by virtue of living too far away. On Saturday there were 4,810 uploads—the highest since the end of our first monthly contest in August.

1,682 images in Benton County Memorial Gardens (Arkansas, USA)
1,163 images in Larkin Sunset Gardens (Utah, USA)
863 images in National Military Cemetery (Ohio, USA)
493 images in Lehi Cemetery (Utah, USA)
137 images in Woodlawn Cemetery (Indiana, USA)
121 images in Provo City Cemetery (Utah, USA)
119 images in Hurricane City Cemetery (Utah, USA)
93 images in Riverside (Michigan, USA)
60 images in Treynor Zion Congregational Cemetery (Iowa, USA)
40 images in Wentz Cemetery (Indiana, USA)
23 images in Chiefland (Florida, USA)
6 images in Glen Haven Memorial Cemetery (Ohio, USA)
4 images in Mount Hope Cemetery (California, USA)
2 images in Riverton City Cemetery (Utah, USA)
1 image in Coney Hill Cemetery & Crematorium (England, United Kingdom)
1 image in Penrose Cemetery (Colorado, USA)
1 image in Grace Episcopal Cemetery (Maryland, USA)
1 image in Sandy City Cemetery (Utah, USA)

Thanks to everyone who contributed on Saturday (and every other day this weekend, for that matter)!