12 November 2011

BillionGraves Team Achievements

Many of you have seen the event that we launched on Veterans Day in the US:

In the effort to continue building a bevy of image-takers that can keep our powerful volunteer transcription team busy--we have launched the following event:

BillionGraves is providing the opportunity for individuals to band together as team-members through the end of the year. Teams can achieve a variety of milestones through their collective effort of capturing images. The most phenomenal is: an iPad2 will be given in your name to the school or charity of your choice when achieving 100,000 images (obviously specific terms and conditions apply).

We invite you to get more information on BillionGraves.com. Start or join a team and get cracking. You do not need to have an Apple or Android phone to organize and motivate a team! Everyone can participate and we hope that many will take the opportunity to do so. Sometimes all it takes, is an invitation.