01 June 2011

Future Features

Thank you for making the launch of BillionGraves.com so fun to watch and experience. We appreciate all the feedback you’ve been giving us and we’re hard at work adapting the site and app so they work better for you. Here’s a look at what we’re working on right now.

#1 - The Android App
As we’ve mentioned before, this is our top priority. It was top priority before the launch, but now that so many of you have requested it as well we’ve redoubled our efforts on that front. If all goes well, we’ll have an Android version of the app out by the end of June. If you’re a registered user over at the website, you’ll receive an email as soon as the app is available in the Android Market.

#2 - Additional Transcription Information
A lot of the headstones that have been collected hold a richer collection of information than the transcription setup currently supports. Right now the essential names and dates get recorded; soon there will be options that will allow you to record extra snippets like marriage dates and children if that information is on the grave marker.

#3 - Better Map Views
Currently you can see the photos you’ve taken mapped out in a cemetery, or you can see an individual headstone mapped out. Soon we’ll have the map set up so it can show you where all the mapped out headstones in a cemetery are, whether you’ve collected the photos yourself or not. This will help you to know if a cemetery has already been done, if only a part of it has been done, or if it’s waiting for you to come chart it.

#4 - Zoom
Before much longer you’ll be able to zoom in on photos so you can better transcribe the information on them. This should make the searchable records more accurate and make it easier to transcribe older grave markers.

There are plenty of other things in the works, mostly things that you’ve requested either in blog posts or emails sent directly to us, but these are the things you’ll most likely see the soonest.