30 June 2011

Server Switch Tonight

Tonight between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. MDT (GMT-6), BillionGraves.com will take a short break from service and migrate to a new server. This server will be faster and larger than our current server, and it will be very easy to increase its size to accommodate the growing photo and record database indefinitely into the future. During the move, your contributions will be safe and all the information will be retained. The only difference is that we’ll be better able to preserve your future contributions and continue to make them available to your fellow researchers.

If you’re out collecting photos during that time frame and try to upload them, the upload will fail, but the photos will still be on your phone. Wait out the server switch (it shouldn’t take too long) and try the upload again later. Once the new server is ready, the upload will go through and we’ll add your photos to the database.

Thank you for your patience during the move. It’ll be only a short break, and then the site will be up and running once more. The new server will be a better home for for your contributions.