05 July 2011

Smartphones in the Summer Swelter

This weekend many of you went out and collected cemetery photos, and speedy transcribers have already made many of those photos searchable. (There are still about 2800 photos—go transcribe!) Some of the photo-collectors may have run into some of the hiccups we hit over one of our state’s hottest weekends this year. Namely, in the heat of the summer sun, an iPhone tends to get warmer than it likes, especially if it’s constantly updating its GPS position.

When your iPhone is overheating, the screen will grow progressively dimmer until it is very difficult to see anything on it. If you ignore this warning sign (or don’t know what it means), your phone will eventually alert you to the problem. If you stop using your phone for a few minutes and go into some shade or indoors, it’ll cool off fairly quickly and be ready to go again.

The problem of overheating may extend to Android phones as well, though currently we’ve only experienced it on iPhones, and only during our recent high temperatures. So while you’re out mapping cemeteries in the summer sun, be aware that some phones (especially those with black cases) may be struggling a bit in the heat, and give your phone a break when it needs it.