29 August 2011

The T-shirt Deadline Approaches

August is nearly over, so if you’re anywhere near collecting 1,000 GPS-tagged photos, hurry and collect the last few you need to earn your BillionGraves t-shirt. We’ve had a few new winners since the last time I announced the list, so I’ll post it again here with the added names. (If you think you’ve uploaded 1,000 photos from the app, but you haven’t received an email from me asking for your shipping address and shirt size, email me at kristy.stewart @ billiongraves.com and let me know.)

  • dswillet
  • Gableboy
  • Mitchowl
  • PapaMoose
  • ValerieC84
  • GeneologyMaster
  • Hokie374
  • tjalbrecht
  • lady0rowan
  • DdraigGoch
  • crex
  • Anne Ryan
  • Bmathis
  • Rbemis01
  • MichaelMcCormick
  • Chynna67
  • Vickytb
  • TaraDuncan
  • Chrisser
  • Joe&Murphy
  • waterfreak2009
  • huntingsage
  • grave_hopper
  • shetler
If you have a smartphone with true GPS, you still have time to collect 1,000 headstone photos. Upload your photos by 11:59 p.m. UTC and you’ll have won yourself a BillionGraves t-shirt.